Important news:

I fractured my knee following an accident, 40-day prognosis, but I’m already back at work!
I suffer more from a bad bruise in the ribs -.-‘ but it is almost total lack of mobility, which devastates me.

We are working to optimize the work area, so I can move around with the wheelchair, in the most comfortable way possible.
On August 28th, I should take off the cast and put on the brace, so it will be better and I hope to be able to walk independently.

Thanks to everyone, I’m sorry for the inconvenience … it will be a rather complex period for me, but I hold on ^.^’

Kisses in plaster

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I love... to be tied with tape...
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Welcome to my website!

I’m NanĂ , and I love bondage as long as I can remember!

Obviously, I didn’t know what it was… but when I became a teenager, and faced the world… I was hooked by this earthquake of emotions.

I’m not a “rope bunny” a “slave” or anything… I have a pretty bad temper… and I love being tied up tightly and really gagged.
Because… well… honestly… I often deserve it… but it is a punishment that I suffer more than willingly ^.^’

I love craftsmanship, a few years ago I started making the equipment that is used for my imprisonment.
Some of these are made to order, you will find all the information “here”.

I hope you enjoy my bonded life… because it drives me crazy >,<‘

Uh I forgot, I also have a “Patreon page” where I post my fetish drawings… if you want to support my work, check it out!

Kiss Kiss

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